Hourly Financial Planning

Our financial planning services cover the full range of financial issues. We help clients determine and assess their goals, including analyzing retirement scenarios, planning for college and other major purchases. We help clients think through specific issues, such as whether to invest an inheritance or use it to pay down debt. We guide clients through life changing events like marriage, family additions, divorce, retirement, and death of loved ones. We help clients understand the basics of investing, and we provide access to no-load, commission free mutual funds and insurance products to implement plans. We guide our clients through appropriate strategies within their employer’s retirement plan, their IRA, and other non-retirement investments.

Long-Term Asset Management Services

Clients who use our long-term asset management services no longer pay hourly fees for financial planning services. Rather, we are on call 24/7 in a retainer relationship. For these clients, we become their “family office.” In addition to financial planning services available to hourly clients, we offer state of the art asset management, including customized portfolios benchmarked to their goals, with quarterly update meetings to make sure we are on track to meet those goals. We also extend our consultation services to the children and parents of our asset management clients at no additional cost.