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Asset Mangement

Long-Term Asset Management Services

Clients who use our asset management services no longer pay hourly fees for financial planning services. Rather, we are on call 24/7 in a retainer relationship. For these clients, we become their “family office.” In addition to financial planning services available to hourly clients, we offer state of the art asset management, including customized portfolios benchmarked to their goals, with quarterly update meetings to make sure we are on track to meet those goals. We also extend our consultation services to the children and parents of our asset management clients at no additional cost.

Financial Planning

Custom Portfolio Design

Planning for your Children and Parents

Portfolio Management and Evaluation

Tax - Efficient Investing

Asset Custody through SEI Private Trust Company

Dimensional Fund Advisors

IRA Rollovers

Putting your financial plan into action

Asset management begins with financial planning, and our asset managements clients are entitled to the full range of our financial planning services as needed. We start by helping our clients determine realistic goals and expectations and design a portfolio to meet those goals.

We custody our clients’ assets through SEI Private Trust Company, and implement their portfolios using no-load mutual funds from SEI as well as Dimensional Fund Advisors, as well as other no-load funds or institutional managers utilizing individual stocks and bonds when appropriate.

While we believe in our process and our approach to investing, we also believe that where we really add value over the long run is coordinating our clients’ portfolios over the long – run, providing guidance on how to manage portfolio income and taxes, contributions and distributions, across various accounts, taking into account taxes, risk, and future outcomes.

Many clients begin by using our hourly financial services to develop a plan and to see if we are a good fit for them before making a long-term commitment. Contact us today and we can discuss how our services might fit your specific situation.