October 2, 2023

Ep 137: 4 Step Plan for Dealing with the Financial Media

Ep 137 4 Step plan for Dealing With The Financial media Cover

Join Dave and Nick as they walk you through how to decipher and decode all the information that comes at us in the media regarding finances.

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This is something we both talk about with our clients on a regular basis. Sometimes this is good stuff to remind ourselves as well,

It’s all kinds of stuff that get you and me riled up in the market and the financial media about the markets. It’s natural.

We are here to help you take the emotions out of it in order to see what is really going on

We’ve borrowed the process from Dr. Daniel Crosby’s book The Behavioral Investor. This book takes a lot of the concepts of behavioral finance and teaches how to apply them to how you think about your portfolio and where we usually screw up.

We did a book review of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman a couple of weeks ago.  Think of that book and this book as both good foundations for how to think about your finances.

One section of this book talks about how the financial media plays a role in our thinking,  and it’s not the role that most people assume. The overarching premise here is that the financial media is not there to help you be a better investor. They’re there to get eyes and viewers and listeners and readers and none of that rarely has anything to do with making you a better investor,

Listen to the full episode to hear all 4 steps and become better at deciphering what the news is really trying to tell you.

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