Inflation And Your Portfolio

Inflation and Your Portfolio

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadInflation has dominated the financial headlines over the last few weeks. We’ve seen some of the fastest price increases in decades for some everyday goods and services and commodities. Inflation can impact the financial markets, and we know it has been on the minds of many of our clients. […]

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Investment Real Estate

Investment Real Estate and Rental Properties

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadInvestment Real Estate and Rental Properties – Is it a good idea or not? Join Dave and Nick as they talk about the pros and cons of real estate as an investment strategy. Hear Dave’s opinion on why he decided it wasn’t for him. There’s an adage when it […]

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Pension Choices

Pension Choices

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadOften in financial planning, we face questions where the right answer is based on weighing a choice’s pros and cons and understanding the tradeoffs. Pension choices are one of those questions. If you are covered by an employer pension, you will face choices at retirement that can have long-lasting […]

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Is Bitcoin An Investment

Is Bitcoin an Investment?

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadCryptocurrency, and Bitcoin, in particular, have been a hot topic of conversation in the world of finance. Since we get a lot of questions on the topic, we thought we should address them in this week’s podcast. It’s important to understand what a cryptocurrency is – and is not […]

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First Quarter 2021 Market Review And Outlook

First Quarter 2021: Market Review and Outlook

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadTune in to listen to Dave and Nick’s review of First Quarter 2021. If you have any questions or would like a review of your portfolio and financial plan, contact our advisors by calling or emailing us at 517-321-4832 or 1Q 2021 Broad Markets The first quarter of 2021 […]

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Msu Retirement Plan Basics

MSU Retirement Plan Basics

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadMichigan State offers three retirement plans that work together based on how much the employee intends to save. Here are some tips on how to make the most of them. The first two plans work together: the MSU 403(b) Base Retirement Plan receives the employee’s first 5% of income […]

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Budget For Academic Year Faculty And Staff At Msu

How to Budget for Academic Year Faculty and Staff at MSU

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadBudgeting is hard enough for most people, but when you only get paid nine months out of the year, how do you manage your month-to-month expenses? The trick is to budget for the summer during the rest of the year.  You do this by building up a balance that […]

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How To Financially Help Adult Children

How to Financially Help Adult Children

David Shotwell Play in new window | DownloadMy adult child needs financial help. Can I afford it? Should I help? We get questions about how to financially help adult children all the time from our clients. This is a true kitchen table conversation about real life and real decisions. Oftentimes parents feel they do not have […]

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Estate Planning Basics With Special Guest Molly Petitjean

Estate Planning Basics with Special Guest Molly Petitjean

David Shotwell

http://kitchen_table_29.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadOn this week’s edition of the Kitchen Table Podcast, Nick and I interviewed Molly Petitjean, an estate planning attorney with the law office of Buhl, Little, Lynwood, and Harris, PLC in East Lansing, Michigan. On April 21, Molly will be presenting a webinar with us on estate planning basics. […]

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