Financial Planning

The Srb Client Portal

Viewing Your Portfolio and Financial Plan: The SRB Client Portal

We offer our clients who want access to their investments and financial planning information an online portal where they can view their portfolio performance and review the financial plan that we have built together.  The portal also offers access to custodial statements, performance, reports, tax documents, a news feed for […]

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Monte Carlo

What is Monte Carlo Analysis?

We use financial planning software that utilizes a statistical technique called Monte Carlo Analysis. This technique analyzes spending goals from a portfolio over long time periods and calculates the odds of a plan’s success by running the plan with a thousand different potential investment outcomes rather than assuming a portfolio […]

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Common Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor

Common Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Dave and Nick field questions from friends, networking associates, clients, and more in this comprehensive list of Common Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor. If you want to listen to their two-part podcast series based on these questions and answers, click below. Ask A Financial Advisor Anything – Part One […]

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What Is An I Bond

What is an I Bond? Play in new window | DownloadAn I Bond is a savings bond issued by the US Treasury much like EE Savings bonds, but the interest paid by an I Bond is linked to current inflation. They grabbed headlines at the beginning of May when it was announced that the […]

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Financial Goals For 2022 Things To Consider Now

Financial Goals for 2022 – Things to Consider NOW Play in new window | DownloadHave you set your financial goals for 2022? Dave and Nick go over many things that you should be thinking about this month to set yourself up for a great financial year in 2022. Even if you do have goals, you might find some […]

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