Financial Planning

Getting Launched Helping Children Manage Money

Getting Launched: Helping Children Manage Money Play in new window | DownloadClients often ask us how to help their children or grandchildren get started in managing their own financial affairs. For some people this comes naturally, but not for everyone. The American education system doesn’t necessarily do a good job filling in the gaps. Furthermore, […]

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Pension Choices

Pension Choices Play in new window | DownloadOften in financial planning, we face questions where the right answer is based on weighing a choice’s pros and cons and understanding the tradeoffs. Pension choices are one of those questions. If you are covered by an employer pension, you will face choices at […]

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Budget For Academic Year Faculty And Staff At Msu

How to Budget for Academic Year Faculty and Staff at MSU Play in new window | DownloadBudgeting is hard enough for most people, but when you only get paid nine months out of the year, how do you manage your month-to-month expenses? The trick is to budget for the summer during the rest of the year.  You do this by […]

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How To Financially Help Adult Children

How to Financially Help Adult Children Play in new window | DownloadMy adult child needs financial help. Can I afford it? Should I help? We get questions about how to financially help adult children all the time from our clients. This is a true kitchen table conversation about real life and real decisions. Oftentimes parents […]

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Estate Planning Basics With Special Guest Molly Petitjean

Estate Planning Basics with Special Guest Molly Petitjean

http://kitchen_table_29.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadOn this week’s edition of the Kitchen Table Podcast, Nick and I interviewed Molly Petitjean, an estate planning attorney with the law office of Buhl, Little, Lynwood, and Harris, PLC in East Lansing, Michigan. On April 21, Molly will be presenting a webinar with […]

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Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy Play in new window | DownloadDealing with volatile markets requires discipline, and we believe it is important to have a written philosophy. Our firm follows the following principles when we make portfolio choices and evaluate the asset managers and model builders with whom we work. #1. Short-term market returns […]

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Charitable Giving Strategies

Charitable Giving Strategies Play in new window | DownloadFor many of our clients, charitable giving is an important part of financial planning. Supporting causes in which you believe can be a very rewarding goal. Traditionally, the tax code has supported charitable giving and encouraged Americans to be generous with their support of […]

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What To Do With Stimulus Money

What to do with Stimulus Money Play in new window | DownloadLately, we’ve had a few discussions with clients centered around their stimulus money and what they should do with it. While most people expect a pretty cut and dry answer from financial planners, these conversations have led to some interesting philosophical discussions around why […]

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Cybersecurity Keeping Your Financial Information Safe

Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Financial Information Safe Play in new window | DownloadNick and Dave talk with Ian Richardson, owner of Doberman Technologies about personal and business cybersecurity practices that everyone should be doing. Ian has an extensive background in IT security and is licenses in Microsoft and Sysco systems. He started Doberman Technologies 15 years […]

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