Getting Launched Helping Children Manage Money

Getting Launched: Helping Children Manage Money Play in new window | DownloadClients often ask us how to help their children or grandchildren get started in managing their own financial affairs. For some people this comes naturally, but not for everyone. The American education system doesn’t necessarily do a good job filling in the gaps. Furthermore, […]

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Budgeting For Vacation

Budgeting for Vacation Play in new window | DownloadHow are you budgeting for vacation?  It’s early summer in Michigan, and for a lot of families that means road trips to up north destinations, cottage rentals on lakes, and, sometimes, too much fudge and ice cream. Vacation season can also mean budget troubles: […]

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Budget For Academic Year Faculty And Staff At Msu

How to Budget for Academic Year Faculty and Staff at MSU Play in new window | DownloadBudgeting is hard enough for most people, but when you only get paid nine months out of the year, how do you manage your month-to-month expenses? The trick is to budget for the summer during the rest of the year.  You do this by […]

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Starting A Budget

The Steps for Starting a Budget Play in new window | DownloadAre you committed to starting a budget? Budgeting is like dieting. Most of us aren’t good at it. Our brains are wired for instant gratification, not delayed consumption. Making people think about such things can be an uncomfortable part of being a financial planner. […]

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Getting Out Of Debt

The Snowball Strategy for Getting Out of Debt Play in new window | DownloadIs getting out of debt your goal for 2021? At the start of the new year, resolutions are on people’s minds right now.  As I type this it’s snowing so it seemed like a good day to write about my favorite strategy for eliminating […]

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Michigan State University Salary Cuts. Fall scene with stone cottage, walkway and fence

Dealing with Michigan State University Salary Cuts Play in new window | DownloadAre you affected by the Michigan State University salary cuts? There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world of higher education right now. Universities around the country are trying to figure out what Covid-19 will mean for students and instructors as we head into […]

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