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Our Current Thoughts On The Economy May 2023

Our Current Thoughts on the Economy May 2023

Every year in late spring, Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, holds its annual shareholder meeting on a Saturday. This was the first year I’ve actually watched the proceedings (it was raining, and I was on crutches anyway), and they were fascinating. One attendee passing by a CNBC camera on the […]

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Ep 119 Financial Planning Resources Cover

Ep 119: Financial Planning Resources Play in new window | DownloadJoin Nick and Dave as they discuss some of their favorite resources for financial planning and why they like them. You can find links to the resources below. The Kitchen Table Finance Podcast Christine Benz at Morningstar. Practical portfolio and retirement planning advice from […]

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What The Looming Debt Ceiling Deadline Means For Investors

What the Looming Debt Ceiling Deadline Means for Investors

The debt ceiling debate has been front and center lately, and will no doubt be a major news story in the coming weeks. We thought we’d share this article and charts from our partners at Clearnomics discussing this issue and how it may impact markets. The federal debt limit is […]

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116 Getting Real About Social Security (2)

Ep 116: Getting Real About Social Security Play in new window | Download We are going to talk about getting real about social security. This has been an ongoing discussion with clients, particularly younger clients for a while but it seems to becoming more prominent. There are more headlines around social security and its future. Join […]

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115 Review Of 2nd Quarter 2023 (1600 × 1000 Px)

Ep 115: Review of 2nd Quarter 2023 Play in new window | Download2nd Quarter 2023 Economic Update and Market Review The first quarter of 2023 was largely positive for the markets, but not positive enough to make up for the frustrating previous 12 months. While inflation still appears to be slowing, there is plenty of uncertainty […]

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114 Retirement Planning Case Study For An Msu Employee (youtube Thumbnail)

Ep 114: Retirement Planning Case Study for an MSU Employee Play in new window | DownloadIn today’s episode, Dave and Nick have an interesting case study of a couple of MSU professors. Join us as we take a look at some of the common scenarios that come up in a case like this when we’re helping people create their […]

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113 Rent Or Buy Move Or Stay (youtube Thumbnail)

Ep 113: Rent or Buy – Move or Stay Play in new window | DownloadHow to make housing decisions in a rising rate environment. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the housing market. We’ve seen the Fed basically increase interest rates at an accelerated pace over the last year. And they are looking to still continue […]

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Why Ashley Sajor Became A Financial Planner

Why Ashley Sajor Became a Financial Planner Play in new window | DownloadWe have a very special episode for your today. Join us as Nick interviews Ashley Sajor and discover out why she became a financial planner. Ashley is one of the newest members of our team and started off as an intern while she was […]

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What is Your Investment Risk Tolerance? Play in new window | Download Investor Profile Quiz Take OUR QUIZ to assess your own risk tolerance. What is your Investment Risk Tolerance? Join Dave and Nick as they discuss the all-important risk tolerance.  This is a big subject and comes up all the time when we’re working […]

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