Economic Update & Market Review

Q1 2024 Review and Q2 Outlook

S3E15 -Q1 2024 Review and Q2 Outlook Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, we kick off with a warm welcome and jump straight into our Q1 quarterly review followed by the Q2 outlook. Despite entering the year on a shaky start, Q1 turned out exceptionally well, building on the achievements of a strong 2023. […]

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4th Quarter 2023 Review

S3E2 – 4th Quarter 2023 Economic Review Play in new window | DownloadJoin Dave and Nick as they review 2023’s fourth-quarter economy and give a current market update. We do this once a quarter to go through and see what happened last quarter and talk about what that potentially means for the future. Watch on YouTube […]

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Third Quarter 2023 Economic Updated And Market Review

Third Quarter 2023 Economic Update and Market Review Play in new window | DownloadThe year is half over, and despite recession fears, banking turmoil, and a debt-ceiling standoff in Washington, the stock market continued its current roll last quarter. US stocks, as measured by the Russell benchmarks, were positive across the board for the quarter, year to […]

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