Portfolio Management

Bitcoin and crypto in retirement porfolios

S3E4 – Should You Add Bitcoin to Your Retirement Portfolio? Play in new window | DownloadWe’ve talked about this topic before, but it keeps rearing its head. It’s Bitcoin and it’s back in the news.  The SEC has now decided that Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are going to be saved. There are a handful of them that took them […]

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What Is The Right Amount Of Cash In A Portfolio

What is the Right Amount of Cash in a Portfolio?

We recently posted an article explaining why, even though money markets and certificates of deposit may have very attractive yields right now, we can’t allow ourselves to over-allocate to cash investments. The too-long/didn’t read version: Over time, money markets and certificates of deposit have historically underperformed inflation, bonds, and stocks. […]

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Inflation And Your Portfolio

Inflation and Your Portfolio Play in new window | DownloadInflation has dominated the financial headlines over the last few weeks. We’ve seen some of the fastest price increases in decades for some everyday goods and services and commodities. Inflation can impact the financial markets, and we know it has been on the minds […]

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Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy Play in new window | DownloadDealing with volatile markets requires discipline, and we believe it is important to have a written philosophy. Our firm follows the following principles when we make portfolio choices and evaluate the asset managers and model builders with whom we work. #1. Short-term market returns […]

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How Well Do You Know Your Financial Advisor

How Well Do You Know Your Financial Advisor? Play in new window | DownloadDon’t wonder if your financial advisor is trustworthy and on the level. Do some research. Trust but verify. Bernie Madoff was arrested in December 2008 when his sons revealed that his giant asset management firm was a Ponzi scheme. He had stolen an estimated […]

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Individual Stocks

Why We Don’t Recommend Individual Stocks Play in new window | DownloadFrequently when we meet people who handle their own investments, they like to talk about individual stocks. I can understand why. Individual stocks have a story that you can wrap your head around, such as Pfizer creating a vaccine for Corona Virus, to borrow […]

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Financial Planning Companies. beautiful stone path and doorway with flowers

Types of Financial Planning Companies Play in new window | DownloadThis article and podcast explain the different types of financial planning companies and how they get paid. Choosing a financial planning firm to help you map out your future is not an easy task. There are several types of financial advisors who all charge […]

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MSU Retirement Plan Match Reduction. Old brick wall with lots of purple wisteria flowers covering it

Coping with the MSU Retirement Plan Match Reduction Play in new window | DownloadIn response to the financial uncertainty caused by the Covid pandemic, Michigan State University has reduced salaries and cut the match to employee retirement plans. Previously, the university contributed 10% to employee retirement plans if the employee contributed 5%. The university administration is calling […]

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