What Is The Right Amount Of Cash In A Portfolio

What is the Right Amount of Cash in a Portfolio?

We recently posted an article explaining why, even though money markets and certificates of deposit may have very attractive yields right now, we can’t allow ourselves to over-allocate to cash investments. The too-long/didn’t read version: Over time, money markets and certificates of deposit have historically underperformed inflation, bonds, and stocks. […]

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Budgeting For Vacation

Budgeting for Vacation Play in new window | DownloadHow are you budgeting for vacation?  It’s early summer in Michigan, and for a lot of families that means road trips to up north destinations, cottage rentals on lakes, and, sometimes, too much fudge and ice cream. Vacation season can also mean budget troubles: […]

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Saving When Interest Rates Are Low. Iron bench on dock by lake in the fall

Four Tips for Saving When Interest Rates are Low Play in new window | DownloadDo you have money in savings that could be working better for you somewhere else? Interest rates are low right now. That’s great if you are a borrower, but not so great if you have savings in the bank. With all the economic upheaval […]

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