Understanding Federal Student Loans

In order to plan for funding your student’s college education, you must understand the student loan landscape. I won’t take up space here with scary statistics about the amount of student debt American families are amassing and what that may mean for our society’s future. If used correctly and in the right amounts, student loans […]

A Practical Approach to Paying for College

Paying for college creates a financial planning dilemma for many families: How can working parents save for their own retirement while also saving for their children’s educations? As a profession, financial planners have not always been as helpful as we should have been in this area. College planning advice has focused on saving for retirement […]

Saving for College with 529 Plans

If you are putting away funds dedicated for your child’s higher education expenses, a 529 College Savings Plan is tough to beat. These plans allow parents and grandparents to put away funds for a child’s education, and the growth on the account is tax – free when used to pay qualified education expenses. In some […]

A Practical Approach to Financing College

Paying for college is a very hot topic in the financial press these days, with good reason. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Degrees of Value” by Glen Reynolds on 1/3/2014 (Link to Wall Street Journal Story), college costs, since 1978, have risen at an annual rate of 7.45% while incomes have risen […]