February 1, 2022

Introducing East Bay Investment Solutions

Introducing East Bay Investment Solutions

As part of a continuing effort to enhance our portfolio guidance, Shotwell Rutter Baer is excited to announce a partnership with East Bay Investment Solutions.

Mario Nardone, who is a Chartered Financial Analyst and partner at East Bay, will serve as our Chief Investment Strategist. For the past two months, Mario has been working with David and Nick to clarify and enhance our investment philosophy and develop portfolio models specifically built to support that philosophy.

We chose Mario and his partner, Eric Stein (also a CFA), and East Bay because we knew that their investment philosophy and ours were already closely aligned. Bringing their investment due diligence process into our firm is the next evolution in our firm’s approach to the investment process. By engaging with East Bay, we know that we are getting asset allocation advice based on a philosophy and process that we had a hand in developing, and an objective opinion regarding which investment vehicles to use to implement those allocations, free of the conflicts that we face from most providers.

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our investment philosophy and rolling out these new models along with detailed rationale for portfolio changes, so watch for more information and feel free to ask questions and provide feedback.

East Bay is an investment consulting firm providing services such as portfolio oversight, investment due diligence, and wealth management guidance tailored to meet the needs of Shotwell Rutter Baer clients. In addition, East Bay provides model portfolios that subscribe to the investment philosophy shared by Shotwell Rutter Baer that the market is reasonably efficient, that low-cost, time-tested, and liquid investments in a diversified portfolio yield financial success over time.

Mario Nardone is the founder of East Bay and has deep experience in investment management beginning in 1999 at Vanguard.  He earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2003, thereafter transitioning to Chief Investment Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for a financial planning and advisor firm.  In 2010, he launched East Bay Investment Solutions in Charleston, S.C.

Eric Stein is a partner at East Bay and has extensive investment experience developed through the variety of roles held during his career, including serving as Vice President at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, where he earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2001. He also served as the Chief Investment Officer for RSM U.S. Wealth Management for over ten years, providing strategic leadership and solutions for their national investment platform. Before joining East Bay in 2018, he worked with global investment manager Nuveen, where he was focused on business intelligence and strategy. Stein is based in Charlotte, N.C.

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