February 26, 2024

S3E7 – Retirement Planning News February 2024

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Hey there! Curious about the latest buzz in retirement, planning, and news? Let’s dive in and break it down for you.

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As we kick off the year, we’re seeing a flood of self-help articles on fixing your life. It’s a good time to check them out, especially when it comes to health and finances – two big topics for January, right?

One interesting piece from The New York Times caught our eye. It delves into longevity and financial planning, shedding light on how to live well for longer. Spoiler alert: prioritizing relationships play a key role in living a longer, happier life post-retirement.

Speaking of retirement, did you know that maintaining social connections after leaving the workforce is crucial? It’s easy to overlook how much our work relationships impact our overall well-being. So, it’s important to proactively cultivate new communities during retirement.

And let’s not forget about the financial side of things. Ever heard of the myth that skipping your daily coffee can make you a millionaire? Well, one expert crunched the numbers and found that while it may not turn you into an instant millionaire, investing those savings can set you on a path to financial freedom.

So remember, making small lifestyle changes in retirement can have a big impact on your health, happiness, and bottom line. Stay tuned for more tips and insights to help you navigate this exciting chapter of life.

The Articles We Discuss

New York Times: The 7 Keys to Longevity

Morningstar: Skipping Your Morning Coffee Won’t Make You a Millionaire

David Booth (DFA) in Kiplingers: Life Lessons that Also Apply to Investing

CNBC: How to Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Theft This Season

Think Advisor: More Than Half of Americans Want to Retire Gradually

Collab Fund: Frugal vs. Independent

That is what we have for January and February headlines. If our listeners stumble across something here in March, send it to us. Maybe it’ll show up on the next headline review. You can send those to us at

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