State Of Michigan Health Plan. Michigan woods with path in fall.

Evaluating the State of Michigan Health Plan Options


The State of Michigan is in round two of open enrollment for 2020, and there are some changes in the State of Michigan Health Plan Options that are worth evaluating. Here are our thoughts on how to assess the State of Michigan’s health plans for 2021.  What’s changing?  The significant change for 2021 is the […]

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Medicare Webinar Thumb

Medicare and Your Financial Plan

Jeff Rutter

A few days ago we hosted a webinar on Medicare and Your Financial Plan, featuring Justine Bell from Cedar River Insurance in Okemos. Justine specializes in helping people understand their Medicare coverage and making smart choices concerning coverage options and Medicare supplement policies. Medicare is complicated and the features and benefits are often misunderstood. Justine’s […]

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Employer's Retirement Plan. Field of yellow flowers with house in the distance

Getting Started in Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

David Shotwell

Starting a new job that offers retirement benefits is great. But your employer’s retirement plan can offer a bewildering array of choices if you’re not used to the language of savings and investing. The good news is that getting started in retirement savings requires making only a few straight-forward decisions and understanding some basic investment […]

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MSU Retirement Plan Match Reduction. Old brick wall with lots of purple wisteria flowers covering it

Coping with the MSU Retirement Plan Match Reduction

David Shotwell

In response to the financial uncertainty caused by the Covid pandemic, Michigan State University has reduced salaries and cut the match to employee retirement plans. Previously, the university contributed 10% to employee retirement plans if the employee contributed 5%. The university administration is calling the cuts temporary, in hopes of restoring the old plan match […]

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