November 6, 2023

Ep 143: Guest Dr. Darla Bishop

Ep 143 Darla Bishop

Join Dave and Nick as they chat with Dr. Darla Bishop, the author of the upcoming book, How to Afford Everything.

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Her book is available for pre-order until December 12, 2023, and then it will be available to the public. You can use the code KTF on her website for 20% off her book for a limited time.

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You can also find her on most social media channels under @my_finanSIS.

About Dr. Darla Bishop

Dr. Bishop lives and works in the Lansing area. Her expertise in financial literacy and ability to connect with young people on a personal level makes her the ultimate FinanSis for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and take control of their future.

Have you ever wished for a big sister who can teach you about money? Someone who can guide you, laugh with you, and also be firm when you have to set goals or need a reality check? Dr. Darla is it!

When Darla was in college, budgeting and learning about money, she started to read financial books and realized that not one of them offered a decision tree or step-by-step guide that helped her where she was in her particular situation. She has since read over 100 financial books and still didn’t find what she thought would be most helpful – so she wrote it.

That is what How to Afford Everything is all about. It includes many worksheets and thought-provoking questions and exercises to help you where you are right now.

Who is This Book For?

The target audience for this book is people who are under 40, may (or may not) come from a disadvantaged background, now have a good job and money coming in, and want to take their money management to the next level. People who are managing lots of things. Managing careers and sometimes the salary negotiations that come along with that. Thinking about their parents as they get older. Raising children and trying to think about whether they will go to college and what we want to contribute to that. Maybe paying off student loans.


Nick: “What advice do you give to people when you have multiple competing conflicting things for your resources? How do you help walk people through figuring out which one makes the most sense for them because it’s not always black and white plain vanilla right?

Darla: “What I figure out when I’ve talked to multiple people who’ve been in that situation is because it’s been so stressful over some period of time. Maybe a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years. They haven’t taken the time and probably because they haven’t had the energy or the guts to truly look at their financial situation, right? They just kind of feel like they’re swimming tread in water and and haven’t asked for help.

Until this point because they thought maybe someone was going tell them they needed to budget more and spend less money and they can’t imagine even how they would do that. So the approach I take is to first write down every cent that you owe to anyone whether it’s a traditional debt a credit card, a loan student loan, your mom, your cousin, or your coworker who loans you $10 for gas money. We’re going to write everything down and it’s gonna hurt a little bit at first. But once we put it on paper we take away its power because now we can do something about it.

So we got to get over that first hurdle and then we’re going write down every piece of money, every cent, that comes through your door, and if there is a difference between the money that goes out and the money that comes in we have to figure out where we can cut or my personal favorite where we can increase.”

Listen to the full episode to hear more about Dr. Bishop’s journey to writing a book and for more advice.

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