January 8, 2024

Ep 150 – Realistic Market Expectations for Retirement

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Join Dave and Nick as they close out Season 2 of Kitchen Table Finance. They discuss setting realistic market expectations, especially in retirement.

What is a realistic market expectation?

Well, there’s a lot of research out there that shows that particularly in bull markets, a general investor has an inflated expectation of what the markets should do for them and how much money they should be making.

And there’s that old cliche we’ve all heard – “the formula for happiness is happiness equals reality minus expectations.”

When it comes to how we think about our investments in our portfolios, there does seem to be some truth to that. Disappointment is the biggest hindrance to happiness when it comes to how your money does. Yeah, when things are good people think they should be better. And when things are bad, they expect those bad times are going to continue. Either way is a losing proposition. Especially when you’re thinking about how to set expectations and what are you going to base some of your projections on for retirement.

Market corrections are as regular as your birthday or Christmas, yet every time we have one, it feels like the end of the world and things will never be the same again. The opposite of that is when things are going good people believe that it’s going to continue. And they’re going to get better.
Our philosophy is if things have been too bad or too good for too long they’re going to revert to the mean at some point.

Tune in for some very important information on how to think about things, how to set up your expectations, and the importance of how you think about investments and retirement planning.

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