July 18, 2022

Financial Documents an 18 Year Old Needs

Financial Documents An 18 Year Old Needs

Join us for Part Two of discussing financial concerns for an 18-year-old, including important financial documents.

We have a special guest, Molly Petitjean, a Lansing area attorney, who joins us to answer questions about preparing an 18-year-old for their financial future.

This episode sparked from the fact that Nick’s daughter, Cameron who is almost 18, and what she needs to have.

Typically, when we think of estate planning and wills, we think of people much older than 18. We are not planning for our 18-year-old to pass away. So what do they need?

What estate planning documents does an 18-year-old need?

When your child becomes a legal adult in the eyes of the state there are some unique challenges that arise. Even though they are still young enough that you feel you want to help them make decisions, you don’t have the automatic default anymore to make medical or financial decisions for them. So, what are the types of documents they need to have in place if you want to still help them make these decisions?

They are Financial, Medica, and Hippa.

Listen to the full episode as Molly, Dave, and Nick review all the important documents for this exciting time in a young adult’s life.

Molly has been a guest on our show before. To read or listen to more invaluable information Molly has provided please click below.

Estate Planning Basics with Special Guest Molly Petitjean

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