July 18, 2022

Is the 60 – 40 Portfolio Dead?

Is The 60 40 Portfolio Dead

Join Dave and Nick as they discuss the 60-40 portfolio.

To clarify for people wondering what a 60-40 portfolio is, it is an industry-standard portfolio that contains 60% stocks and 40% bonds. This was considered the Goldilocks portfolio. This is approximately the allocation we use for many of our clients because it fits a lot of different scenarios. The idea is that it’s enough stock exposure and enough risk that you do well in most environments.

Bonds in the portfolio provide some cushion when things aren’t going well in the stock market. This ratio has been a good solid moderate risk profile portfolio. A lot of people have used this for a long long time to not take on all the risk of the stock market but still get
some decent growth throughout the years.

So, is this still effective?

The stock market is down roughly 20% for the year meanwhile the bond market is down 10% for the year. So diversified portfolios have struggled more than they normally do when the stock market’s negative.

Listen to the episode to find out what Dave and Nick suggest you do right now if you have a 60-40 portfolio.

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