Nicholas F. Nauta

Certified Financial Planner™

Nick Nauta has been practicing financial planning since moving to the Lansing area in 2006. After studying Financial Management and Economics at Northern Michigan University, Nick ventured into the financial planning industry. Having a young daughter and wife, Nick wanted to stay in Michigan. At the time he graduated, one of the few jobs available for a finance major was as a financial advisor.

Nick struggled through his first few years in the profession. He relates the struggle to his early memories of money living in Spring Lake, Michigan. One of the things he learned about money when he was growing up was the people who seemed to have the most of it, weren’t inherently happier than those who didn’t. When he started in the financial advising industry, the profession appeared to be all about making money, something he didn’t hold in high esteem.

Some years later, around the time his son was born, Nick finally started to figure out his place in the financial planning world. He was challenged to answer the question of why he did what he did. Thinking back on his early memories of money, he concluded he was in the financial planning profession to help people realize their life goals.

Nick enjoys giving back to the community as well as his profession. He is currently the past president of the Davies Project, Treasurer of Loaves and Fishes homeless shelter, President of Delta-side business association, and Secretary of Kiwanis of Delta Township. Nick is a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Life Underwriter™, Registered Life Planner™, board member of the Greater Lansing Estate Planning Council, and a member of the following professional associations:

CFP® Board

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Fee-Only Network

XY Planning Network (XYPN)

Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Greater Lansing Estate Planning Council

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