April 10, 2024

S3E13 – A Conversation with Summer Intern Cole Williams

summer intern cole williams

Welcome to this episode of Kitchen Table Finance where we’re joined by our energetic and insightful spring 2024 intern, Cole Williams. With a few weeks under his belt, Cole shares his experience and lessons learned while working with our very own David. And surprise, Cole – today’s chat is doubling as your extended interview for the rest of the spring season!

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In This Episode

  • Cole’s Journey: Discover how a political science background led Cole to a passion for financial planning.
  • A Day in the Life: What does an intern do at Shotwell Rutter Baer? Cole gives us the day-to-day rundown.
  • The Career Pivot: Cole talks about his transition from working for the state government to pursuing a future where he can truly make an impact on people’s financial wellness.
  • Local Roots, Global Mindset: From St. John’s to MSU, Cole discusses how his local upbringing fuels his drive to contribute to the community through financial advice.
  • Behind the Scenes: Learn what life at Michigan State University’s financial planning and wealth management program is really like, and hear about how Cole is preparing for his next steps post-graduation.
  • Straight Talk: Cole provides his candid take on the financial services industry and what it means to have the best interests of clients at heart.
  • Family Ties & Financial Goals: An HVAC family and how Cole aims to be the financial pillar in his community.

Featured Guest

Cole Williams, Spring Intern at Shotwell Rutter Baer

  • Master’s student specializing in Financial Planning and Wealth Management at MSU
  • Experienced legislative aid at the state capitol
  • Believer in impactful financial advice for everyday people

We also tackle some critical questions:

  • How does government experience influence financial planning beliefs?
  • What can new insiders share about the reality of financial advising?
  • Why might financial planning be the blue-collar contribution to tomorrow’s world?

Tune in as we explore Cole’s unique story, draw on actionable insights from his experiences, and discuss how past roles shape future ambitions in the financial industry. Don’t forget to `subscribe` to our podcast and `join us at the kitchen table` for a fresh brew of finance, advice, and friendly banter.

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