February 26, 2024

S3E6 – Marketing EFTs To Attract Investors

Ktf S3e6 Cover

Join Dave and Nick as they discuss an article at DFA Dimensional Fund Advisors about some ETFs, some exchange-traded funds that were created and didn’t fare very well.

When a fund company creates a new exchange-traded fund or mutual fund, they’re responding to what they expect the market is going to do.  They’re trying to be creative and find things that they think are going to attract attention. So they tend to be thematic, having to do with things people are excited about right now.

There were some funny ones and our friends at DFA put together this list. However, there are also some lessons here. These aren’t necessarily investments. It’s more of a marketing machine to get people interested.

Tune in to hear our take on this, and gain some insight into investing EFTs for your retirement planning. And learn what a tendie is!

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