May 15, 2023

Ep 119: Financial Planning Resources

Ep 119 Financial Planning Resources Cover

Join Nick and Dave as they discuss some of their favorite resources for financial planning and why they like them. You can find links to the resources below.

  • The Kitchen Table Finance Podcast
  • Christine Benz at Morningstar. Practical portfolio and retirement planning advice from a respected source. Takes Morningstar’s research and puts it into practice.
  • Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal “Intelligent Investor” Column
    • Practical application of what you’re hearing in the news
    • Good at down-to-earth explanations
    • – does require a subscription
    • Example: “For Every Bank Failure There’s a Villain”
  • Paul Merriman, and the Merriman Foundation for Financial Education
    • Paul ran a very successful RIA
    • Also was a columnist for several publications
    • Founded the PMFFE to help improve investment and planning for the masses
    • Lots of specific portfolio advice, including models
    • Free articles, videos, and podcasts
    • Some short and very inexpensive/free books for download
  • WSJ Podcasts:
    • The Journal – daily deep – dive into something that’s been in the headlines, with practical and relatable explanations
      • “Baby Powder, Bankruptcy and the Texas Two-Step
        on the legal fight over baby powder and possible cancer implications
      • “Millions of Women Left Work During the Pandemic. Where are they Now?”
    • What’s News – three times a day, an update on the headlines
      • Seems as close to straight – forward news as it gets these days
      • Emphasis on economy/markets
      • Early morning, lunchtime, after market close
    • Your Money Briefing
      • Personal finance and career checklist – news that affects your money and what to do with it
  • NPR Podcast
    • Marketplace – Weekday making sense of the day’s business and economic news – no econ degree or finance background required
    • Up First – Three biggest stories of the day with reporting analysis from NPR News
    • Planet Money – What’s going on in the world and how it ties into the economy
      • “The Battle for Puerto Rico’s Beaches”
      • “Charles Ponzi’s Scheme”
  • Freakonomics Podcasts
    • “The Hidden Side of Everything”
  • The Morgan Housel Podcast
    • Lessons on wealth, greed & happiness
  • Consumer Reports – Independent, nonprofit member organization  working for transparency & fairness in the marketplace
    • $39/annual subscription
    • Access to product testing and reviews from CRs testing lab
    • Best time to buy
    • Personal finance & Insurance
      • With high fuel prices, is a gas credit card worth it
      • How a Balance Transfer Credit Card can help you pay down debt.

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