October 14, 2021

ESG Investing + Webinar

What Is Esg Investing

We are very excited about this quarter’s client webinar: ESG Investing 101 featuring Professor Apollo D. Lupescu from Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dr. Lupescu explains how to design and implement portfolios that take into account environmental, social, and corporate governance factors. He is a great speaker and you will really enjoy what he has to say.

What is ESG Investing? 

This is an approach to investing that focuses on companies that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance is an evaluation of a firm’s collective conscientiousness for social and environmental factors. It is typically a score that is compiled from data collected surrounding specific metrics related to intangible assets within the enterprise.

Are all companies like this? No. Not all companies are helping the environment and societies. So, for example, if you want to invest in energy you can choose one that is greener than others. Ones that are making efforts to be better.

If you are interested in investing in socially responsible companies, this is a good philosophy to use when choosing companies.

Here is the webinar in full.

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