December 10, 2018

Market Volatility Survival Guide

Market Volatility Survival Guide

Market volatility, while never fun, is a fact of life. Over the years, we’ve written about market volatility now and then, usually as questions are coming in from clients asking what they should do with their portfolios when things aren’t steadily climbing. The answers that we write, generally, do not change from one market event to another. Assuming your personal financial situation hasn’t changed, and that your portfolio was structured intentionally in the first place, the right thing to do is usually nothing at all.

As we know difficult market stretches – be they bad days, routine corrections, or full – blown bear markets – will come with the same unpredictability in the future as they’ve come in the past, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite articles from the last few years. While the reasons for the article – whatever headlines were driving the volatility at the time – have come and gone, the premises remain valuable as uncertainty and market risk are two things we can always count on.

Our Market Volatility Survival Guide:

 Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Steady As She Goes

Evaluate Your Portfolio While Markets Are Good

What Do We Know Now That We Didn’t Know Then?

Please Stay Seated While the Train is Moving

The Weather and the Climate

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