January 15, 2024

S3E1 – 2024 Market Predictions

2024 Market Predictions

Get ready for Episode 1 of the Season 3!

In this episode, Dave and Nick reflect on their past predictions and make new ones for the year ahead.

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We admit that predicting the stock market is futile and useless, but cannot resist the urge to do so. Last year, we took a contrarian view, going against the majority of Wall Street firms predicting a recession, and were only partially correct. We know macroeconomists get paid millions of dollars to make predictions and often fail to get them right.

We look back on their predictions for 2023, which included predicting a flat market and predicting a 12% increase, both falling short of the actual 26% rise. We also admit to some bad takes, such as international outperforming the US and tech continuing to lag.

Despite these misses, we continue to find the prediction game irresistible and bravely make new predictions for the year ahead.

Our 2024 Market Predictions

We predict that the market will have substantial fluctuations throughout the year, filled with moments of fear and optimism. This year is an election year and is sure to bring about some weird and unpredictable outcomes for the market.

Despite all these ups and downs, the real estate market is expected to see a significant increase in transactions due to a decline in interest rates.

The excitement lies in observing how the market reacts to this changing trend. However, there is speculation that lower interest rates might not materialize, and the longer they remain high, the more people may become habituated to the high rates.

There are also hints of a stock market increase of up to 22%, which would be a fantastic outcome. In summary, 2024 will be a year of roller-coaster rides, intriguing market reactions, unpredictable politics, and exciting opportunities.

It is bound to be a year worth watching closely!

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