October 22, 2021

Step Four – Obstacles

Step Four Obstacles

Join Nick and Dave as they continue their podcast series on each step of the Strategic Reliable Blueprint.

If you are just joining us now, please go back and listen to the first 3 steps so you are all caught up.

Our FIT Meeting Process

Step Two – The Foundation Meeting

Step Three – Vision

Discovering Obstacles

This step is usually where most people want to start. But, if you just focus on the problems it is hard to get motivated to make the changes that will help you reach your financial goals.

We are much more successful in the obstacles meeting if we go through the first three steps, well, FIRST!

The main focus of this step is to take the vision we have put together and address each issue so we can get there. Some of them are monetary, some aren’t. What is getting in our way to achieving these goals?

Remember, what would your life look like if money wasn’t an issue. What are your dreams? Let’s see if we can make them come true.

Your focus should be on where you want it to be, not get mired in where it is now. This is why it is so important to work with a financial advisor who can help you make these changes and see what is possible.

Time is a big concept that comes up in the Obstacles Phase. Outsourcing some things can really help with this. For example, you want a nice lawn but you don’t enjoy doing yard work, you could hire this out.

Often our clients are the ones that come up with the solutions to their obstacles with our guidance. We can help them carry them out.

Listen to the full episode for lots of creative ideas about overcoming your financial obstacles to have the life you want.

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