February 14, 2022

Let’s Talk About 2021 Tax Forms

Let's Talk About 2021 Tax Forms

Join Dave and Nick as they review all the things you need to consider for your taxes for 2021.

They provide information on different tax forms, distributions, tax withholdings, and all of your accounts.

For additional information, please read our recent blog Tax Documents for 2021.

The guys review things like:

  • Retirements accounts (IRAs, 401K, etc)
  • Distributions – 1099R forms
  • Non-deductible IRAs
  • IRA contributions

Here is the link to the Charitable Giving Strategies podcast episode we mentioned. mentioned in this episode.

The following flowcharts will help you determine contributions, charitable distributions, and deductible IRA contributions.

Can I Contribute To My Roth Ira 2022.pdf

Can I Do A Qualified Charitable Distribution From My Ira 2022

Can I Make A Deductible Ira Contribution 2022

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