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Ep 137 4 Step plan for Dealing With The Financial media Cover

Ep 137: 4 Step Plan for Dealing with the Financial Media Play in new window | DownloadJoin Dave and Nick as they walk you through how to decipher and decode all the information that comes at us in the media regarding finances. Watch on YouTube HERE This is something we both talk about with our clients on a regular basis. […]

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What is Your Investment Risk Tolerance? Play in new window | Download Investor Profile Quiz Take OUR QUIZ to assess your own risk tolerance. What is your Investment Risk Tolerance? Join Dave and Nick as they discuss the all-important risk tolerance.  This is a big subject and comes up all the time when we’re working […]

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Financial Predictions For 2023

Financial Predictions for 2023 Play in new window | DownloadThis is a pretty common question for our clients t ask in December and January.  We’re in an industry where everybody loves to make bold predictions and there’s not a lot of accountability around what happens. Well, we need to be careful with that. If […]

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Marketing Timing (podcast)

Marketing Timing (podcast) Play in new window | DownloadWhat is a marketing timing strategy for investing and does it work? Join Nick and Dave as they talk about marketing timing and their thoughts on it. People often ask us if they should sell their stock investments and “wait until the market is […]

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Is The 60 40 Portfolio Dead

Is the 60 – 40 Portfolio Dead? Play in new window | DownloadJoin Dave and Nick as they discuss the 60-40 portfolio. To clarify for people wondering what a 60-40 portfolio is, it is an industry-standard portfolio that contains 60% stocks and 40% bonds. This was considered the Goldilocks portfolio. This is approximately the allocation we […]

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Bull And Bear

Bull and Bear Market Cycles

As of last Monday’s market close, the S&P 500, the stock index for the largest American companies, entered bear market territory, meaning that it had dropped 20% from the high it posted in December 2021. Several headlines have been talking about the market entering bear market territory. I thought it […]

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